1 July 2010

TV Thursday's - The Pacific

Let’s begin with a short introduction to the new TV Thursday’s, and give the short story of where it came from. I’m not gonna lie, i have got nothing planned for the summer. I’ve got three months of doing fuck all, and i thought, as to cover my time productively, instead of getting into shape, volunteering, seeing family members I’ve haven’t seen in years, sorting out lose paperwork, or consolidating my debts, I’m gonna review some TV shows for shits and giggles. And one of the biggest releases, which finished last month, was The Pacific. Luckily, i watched each one, and write down short reviews of each part, and for the next 10 Thursdays, you’ll have the pleasure of getting the review of each one, which will lead to, at the end, having a massive review for the whole series, which I’ll tie up sometime in September. And hopefully after that, reviewing a similar type format show, possibly a whole series of something new. I’ll decide nearer the time. So, let’s begin with part 1 of the massively constructed, war-drama epic The Pacific! Now with added photos!

Simon Childs

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