20 August 2010

Who does he think he is, Predator? (The Pacific Part 8)

Part 8: Directed by David Nutter & Jeremy Podeswa

The Battle of Iwo Jima. The legendary battle that took place during the war and finally we’ll get to see it here, and you can tell this is another beat entirely compared to the last battle we had in the last two episodes. Maybe the last three will be with this battle showing Sledge die or something? He’s lo
oking mighty pale and thin Sledge; it wouldn’t surprise me if he went crazy and did something that will change his life forever. And i still continue to like the small segments with Basilone dealing with home life and being a “celebrity” of the war. The war which he both wants to rejoin and to forget. But i like the direction of having Basilone become a teacher to the new recruits; i think it suits him nicely. And the episode further explores him teaching the new marines and finding love, with of course The Pacific standard love scene/nudity thrown in for good measure. Seems like the episode is the bridge or the start of something for the next two episodes. With Basilone going back to the marines and the front line, you wonder if something big is going to happen to him or worse. The battle of Iwo Jima is shown in the last ten minutes of the episode, so it’s a good lead into more. It’s been an okay episode, a bit slow which was bound to happen with how fast paced it’s been lately with like three or four in a row being quick. The battle sequence at the end is again stunning and brutal with a surprise too which you can kinda see coming but the way it happens is very well made. An okay episode with a strong ending.

Simon Childs

16 August 2010

Trailer Watch XVI

Here is a massive selection of the latest trailers from the past 30 days!

1. Skyline

2. Fading From The Cries

3. The Winning Season

4. The Social Network

5. Enter The Void

6. I Am Comic

7. Barry Munday

8. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

9. Going The Distance

10. Buried

11. Sucker Punch

12. Stone

13. This Town

14. Colin Fitz Lives

15. Saw 3D

16. It's Kind A Funny Story

17. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader

18. Jackass 3D

19. Due Date

20. The Green Hornet