21 March 2010

This certainly isn’t any Twilight, R-Patz Shit!

Daybreakers - Michael and Peter Spierig

The world’s interest in vampires as always been there but with releases of the vampire mega series Twilight, True Blood and the new fascination of young cool vampires and how sexy they look, film production companies started listening. They saw the little gap in the market to keep making films that feature zombies such as 30 Days of Night and now Daybreakers. A film about vampires but if the world knew about it and how it would change so everyone survives. It’s clever in how it sees the world in a vampire crisis, with the use of blood banks and putting blood in drinks and how the human race is dying. It’s defiantly more realistic than Twilight and all those other bullshit vampire tales. But sadly i wish i could keep going with the compliments but i can’t. The acting is shocking, the dialogue is lacking, pacing is off, ending is poor, but the effects are okay, the settings are good, it has spots of being decent but is plagued with being average. If you mixed The Matrix, well the shit second and third versions and mix it with Blade, this is kinda it. Loosely.

The film follows the story of a doctor played by Ethan Hawke, who i quite like as an actor, decent actor, who is a vampire, the whole world are vampires except for a couple of humans who haven’t turned and are against it. Also there are some vampires who haven’t had enough blood and turned into mutants. Looks fucked up. So Hawke is a doctor who accidently crashes into a convoy of humans and wishes to help them. Helps them escape. Hawke’s brother appears and he’s a vampire solider who hunts humans for blood. Hawke meets up with a man who used to a vampire and finds a cure; the Earth sun, which we all fought, was bad for them. Also Sam Neill plays Hawke’s boss and always goading the brothers into doing dirty dirty things. A complete change from the guy from Jurassic Park. And he dies too! Did i give away the ending too much?

Any who, back to Daybreakers, it’s okay in form but lacks in story and script. It’s a film to turn off to, but has set pieces that will impress. Maybe not the best work from the people involved but good filler for a week’s release. I look forward to many more shit vampire films that look at it in a different angle, what next werewolf films or Frankenstein’s monster, but young people, young cool sexy Frankenstein Monster. Played by Robert fucking Pattinson or maybe that kid from High School Musical?


Simon Childs