27 June 2010

Walk the Tron Line...

Crazy Heart – Scott Cooper

I’ve mentioned before my love of the actor, the legend that is Jeff Bridges, and nowadays, it seems that every film he’s been in and had a release, I’m reviewing. Almost feel kinda biased towards him. It’s like a secret man-crush, well not very secret as I’ve described to you the many ways i love him, as an actor and as a man, but because of his great career and how every single film he ever makes is wonderful, then I’m gonna have to keep going. Strangely today though, i find myself, not enjoying his latest offering, Crazy Heart. His performance in it is excellent but sadly his one performance cannot string this poorly paced, boring film together and which ultimately comes across as a Walk the Line impression which fails greatly. It sounds kinda harsh, true, but i know Jeff can bounce back. He got a lot of awards for his performance and a lot of applause for it, i totally agree, it’s a wonderful display by the man, but the film is fucking boring. Not as boring as say 2012 (look at my review at that film and you’ll realise my deep hatred for it) but it’s still dull. I just want to be brain-numbing entertained. I want to switch off and just watch shit happen. Like Transformers, a shit film, but fucking amazing if you just switch off, the soundtrack is always good, the action sequences last a decade. Quality.

Anyway, back to Crazy Heart, it follows an old, drunk famous musician, imagine the old folk singers, like Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, but add less fame and fortune and performing in small bars to 10 or 20 people. The once famous Bridges now plays bowling alleys for money and is always trying to find new venues to play and get back to his arena tours. Throw in some love story with Maggie Gyllenhaal and some songs played by Bridges, and the film is basically that. Not much exciting happens, until a good three quarters in where the character seems to be getting worse and worse with his antics. Plus a huge appearance by Colin Farrell, who seems to be annoying in nearly everything he’s in, but here, he comes off quite well. It has nice ending, ties everything together, but it will bore. I don’t really suggest viewing it, but instead watching Walk the Line which is ultimately better than this.

I just hope that the next film Bridges releases will be awesome, which I’m guessing it will be, i believe it to be Tron: Legacy. Which, if you haven’t seen the trailers for, please go watch them and cry in joy like i have many a time. Deep tears of joy that i collect in a small Jeff Bridges lunchbox plastered with his face. I also like to wash my face in these tears in the lunchbox. Got a problem with that?


Simon Childs

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