27 June 2010

Whip it, Whip it Good!

Whip It - Drew Barrymore

Let’s begin with a small story revolving around the film and watching it. There is a milkshake shop near where i live, it’s called Shake Away. And I’m gonna be honest, the people who work there make me crumble inside. I’m not being sexist or insensitive but the women who work there is one of the main reasons i keep going back. There are beautiful, but in a Zooey Deschanel kind of way. Which many of you will understand, as I’m sure you’ve either tried to find someone like this or dress like her to seem more like her when in fact, no one dresses like Zooey! Anyway, yes the people that work there are amazing, and so one day, as i waiting in line, staring at the people behind the counter, i notice a new advertisement campaign, staring Whip It. Film advertising with a trendy milkshake place, no wayyyy! So i checked it out, staring Ellen Page, the chick from Juno, and is directed, for the first time, Drew Barrymore. I’m surprised as i haven’t heard much about it. I check more of the poster and see Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon, two actors who i fucking love. And that’s when i knew i had to see this film. So, from going into a milkshake place, getting the weekly milkshake, chatting to the staff and then noticing a new film being released, i had fallen into a surprise new film that i had to see. And who knows, i could invite one of those lovely ladies (that didn’t happen, I’m way too much of a chicken to do that!).

The film is about Ellen Page, who joins a roller derby team, which is underground and full of women. It’s basically roller-skating round a track, dodging people are trying to hit you and take you out in small teams. It’s a really cool indie sport and it’s something different which hasn’t been represented on screen that much. In the team with Page is Drew Barrymore, Wiig, Eve and some other peeps. They have a rival team, and that fight against each other in a typical sports movie fashion a la Mighty Ducks. Along with his storyline, Page’s family are against this, and so are her friends. So the constant disapproval starts to get to her, but it works out well at the end. Throw in a love story too with this indie kid she meets, who you will want to punch in the ear several times over. Overall, a good plot, something a bit different and well crafted.

I defiantly recommend it, it’s fun, it’s full of action, and funny in many parts, and will make you laugh out loud and has a good message behind it. Plus full of good looking women doing something that is pretty fucking cool. I just wish i could rollerblade!


Simon Childs


SMT said...

The girls in shake away! I know, right!

Simon Childs said...

You know ha