29 January 2010

Trailer Watch V

30th January - 6th February

Hey sports fans, another selection of trailers coming your way this week. Already a month since this site was launched, we've got loads of fans and regular readers so keep up the reading and we'll keep up the writing!

1. Date Night

2. Macgruber

3. Mother

4. Buried

5. Shrek Forever After

When Saw gets political...

Saw 6 - Kevin Greutert

Having a drill caving your skull in is probably what most viewers get when they watch the recent Saw films, that or either a massive boner from the amount of violence. The Saw franchise have just become a yearly regime where in October, teenage boys get to take girls there, and in the dark, feel them up as they scare them in horror on the screen. Everyone knows this happens, I bet even the directors know this as they come up for another excuse to make a Saw film. The next one will be 3D, after that, what? What other gimmick or storyline could they throw in there? Jigsaw is fucking dead, let me die, and stop giving him people who were on his side but never revealed it. It’s boring and tiresome. And I can honestly say I really enjoyed Saw, the original, the first, the one with the new concept and interesting plot twists. The ones after become tired routines of violence and woman, and screaming and the now obvious plot twists. It’s as bad as some of M Night Shyamalan’s plot twists. You can see them from a mile away.

The plot goes as following, some people die in horrific ways, one of these people is the main guy who goes through challenges to try and save himself along with others. It ends up messy and bloody, whilst the police guy who worked for Jigsaw is acting all menacing and still isn’t getting found out by the police, they are really shit in this film, can’t solve anything! I know I’m not really caring about what I put about the plot, but I doubt you’ll wanna see this film voluntarily or when really drunk. It doesn’t matter about the plot, it matters about the deaths. The new, exciting ways to kill a human being. My personal favourite was the guy who has chemicals pumped into his body with spikes through his back and you see his body melt away. Lovely. There is a strange underlining theme of the US health insurance problems, but it feels outdated. They try to make Jigsaw’s killings reason of how an insurance company won’t insure people with illness, even if a cold. It’s disappointing that they think they could do this. But a real theme in a film like this.

If you want a decent horror experience, check out the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Friday The 13th or even modern day horror films like Drag Me To Hell, the Japanese Ring and the Evil Dead trilogy, well they are not really horror films, but still if you haven’t watched them, go to the your nearest Blockbuster and rent them! Or just buy them online. Do it now. I beg you. Stop reading this review of a shitty film and go and watch the films. Your still wasting your time here reading a Saw 6 review when you could be watching the almighty Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi’s cinema master class. GO!


Simon Childs

26 January 2010

Spider-Man versus Donnie Darko!

Brothers - Jim Sheridan

I feel sorry for both of these actors, Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal. They will forever be known for one role, well maybe not, I can’t see into the future, but right now, it seems that the roles that have next won’t be as big as these. Maybe Jake will with Prince of Persia, but I don’t see it being as successful as Spider-Man. But both of these actors are a-grade performers, people who are at the top of their game, ones who can carry films, people who when you think of movie icons, these are the current generation. And with Brothers, you can see why they have their acting accolades, not just in action films, but emotionally serious drama pieces. Both actors perform here out of their skin. It’s one of these films that might fall out of public eye for a little eye, but it will be one of those that are a turning point for both actors. The casting was perfect. The relationships are believable. I’m a massive fan of Natalie Portman, so nothing bad to say about her in the film. Nothing!

The film follows Sam and Tommy, brothers, one in the military who is stationed to Afghanistan and the other recently coming out of prison. After Sam’s helicopter crashes whilst out on duty, he is presumed dead, and Sam’s wife, played by Natalie Portman, Grace is devastated by the news. Tommy begins to become closer to the family and help around the house. He gets closer to the children too, and of course Grace. The cheeky scoundrel. Whilst Tommy and Grace become close, Sam meanwhile, taken hostage by a group of terrorists, experience horror and starvation. In the end, Sam is found by American troops but his scars are seen and his behaviour changes. The film suddenly turns from being a strange romantic comedy with Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman and turns into an aggressive statement on war and the effect it has on the soldiers when they return. Maguire plays it to a tie; his attitude to change his body weight in order to make the role more believable adds another dimension to it. Compared to say, Christian Bale in The Machinist and the weight loss there, it’s not the same, it’s not as noticeable, but Maguire still has a very mean look about him. It’s differentiates between the loveable rogue of Gyllenhaal’s character and Sam, who at the beginning of the film plays like Peter Parker.

Overall, a solid film with good performances, it’s not for one for the lists of films of the year, but it’s a great start for the actors to become used to having the awards poured over them.


Simon Childs

24 January 2010

A Cross Between Crash Bandicoot and Call Of Duty!

Gamer - Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor

This out-of-control, explosion riddled action film comes as a fresh new idea to the genre and to the cinema at the moment, with a film like this not seen recently. Taking chunks out of past action films like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, classic 80’s and 90’s action films, Gamer appears as a new version, featuring huge explosions, immense gun fights, an interesting universe the story is set and a group of scary looking characters thrown in to create a hour and a half of mental fucking action. Just great popcorn stuff. It’s simple, and it knows it. It just wants you to enjoy the ride. And I admire it. It’s never going to win any awards, it’s not hoping to “change” you, sure it has a message of what will happen if we become technological dependant and the future of the world in this state, but it also makes fun of the fact of people who play video games and what would happen if the barriers are removed and the length people go to to have more of a interactive experience. Just take the recent release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Holy shit, that game is crazy awesome. The amount of people you can kill and do extraordinary things to would of shocked people 50 years ago. Even the online experience, bouts of extreme racism, sexism and just general horridness is heard on a daily bases, some of these people who play are just downright thugs, who I would imagine would love to actually kill someone.

The film’s plot revolves around the world becoming revolutionised in the form of the gaming industry. Dexter, sorry Michael C. Hall’s character Ken Castle has created video games that use nanocells in the brain to function, creating a real life world, where the player controls real people. One of these games, Slayers, has Kable (Gerald Butler) as one of the playable characters; all of the characters are death row inmates who, if they survive their 30th match, they get freedom. Kable is controlled by a teenager in his house, who is on his 27th win and Ken Castle begins to change the game where it would be impossible for a normal person to win, but with Kable becoming aware of his player, and the teenager and the character working together, they can win the game. The film also involved a family angle, where Kable’s wife is also in the gaming world, but in a different game. Almost like a real life Sims game. It’s horrible to watch and horrible to think about. Look out for a strange cameo from the one and only Peter Petrelli. Yes, it’s really him! You also have Ludacris play a mercenary who is against the gaming and the use of real people and helps with Kable escape. Check it out really to get the whole thing. It’s simple to watch, on paper to describe, bit wordy.

Overall, a decent ride for what it’s worth. I would recommend seeing it with a group of friends, having a few drinks, getting silly and rocking it out. Similar to the directors past work of Crank and Crank 2, hilariously great action films. Jason Statham I love you.


Simon Childs