28 June 2010

Robert Downey, Jr. the new Jeff Bridges?

Sherlock Holmes - Guy Ritchie

Not being a massive Guy Ritchie fan, i came into this film expecting something righteously shit. I don’t know why i had such low hopes for it, mainly just being directed by the massively overrated Ritchie and staring the irritating as fuck Jude Law. I should of thought better as it did have Downey, Jr. A man on a mission to create the perfect career, going from strength to strength. As the title suggest, he may be the next Jeff Bridges, which to me is a massive compliment. It’s either going to be him or Jesse Eisenberg, who i absolutely love too, and i look forward to his next film, The Social Network (the trailer dropped this week!). But anyway, back to Sherlock Holmes, a film, i thought was going to be shit, and surprisingly, i was wrong. I was completely wrong about it; it’s actually a fucking good film. I wasn’t bored not one single second, right length, good mix of action and comedy, the performances were jarring, the pace was good, the villain was good. The way the film looked, how London was made to look, i was impressed by all of it. And I’m sure you will too.

It sets Robert as the famous detective Sherlock Holmes with his trusty sidekick Watson played by Jude Law, as they set about solving crimes, but they seem to be growing apart as friends but can’t resist the action and the mystery with solving other people’s problems. This week’s problem is with Rachel McAdams character that sets about a massive scheme, her being a rival trickster, leading to investigating Lord Blackwood, played by the fucking brilliant Mark Strong who seems to be in every film nowadays. Massive set pieces in different locations give it a refreshing feel and the dialogue never lets up. They all do well here. I’m looking forward for what they do in the next film, as the massive plays that were strung together in the shadowy background were by someone called Moriaty, who is one of the leading villains in the books and past adaptations, so by not revealing who he is or what he looks like, a big actor can be brought in, rumours being Brad Pitt or Daniel Day Lewis, which would be awesome. Really would.

Now I’m gonna quickly go back to something which i may have not really talked about that much. Rachel McAdams. Yes, that sweet, intellectual girl from The Notebook who let’s be honest acted like a bit of a dick towards Ryan Gosling. I’m sure we all agree on that. But here, she finally embraces the fact she is a woman and that loads of men casually touch themselves whilst watching her. Maybe not in public, like in the cinema, as that’s one, illegal and two, quite rude. But you get the jest. Her being the semi-love interest with a surprising twist in the end was refreshing. I hate how the lead girl always gets the girl when sometimes they don’t deserve it. The only person who deserved the girl they wanted was Sam-Wise from Lord of the Rings, the dude fucking walked for like a year and back just for a fucking ring. That’s commitment!


Simon Childs

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