27 December 2010

Entertaining, it will be...

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 2

Yes, for my final DVD Boxset, season/series review, I’ve gone for a show that i barely watched in the beginning but now find myself looking out for whenever i go too far on Sky Plus and end up on the kid’s shows (i promise i don’t just go straight there, i don’t know the number of Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon off by heart, i promise!). Using Lucas’s cleverly orchestrated world that is Star Wars to create a TV isn’t the newest thing, we’ve had several alliterations about various characters from the series, especially looking at the missing years between the first trilogy and the latest trilogy. And this follows that same trend but adds a new spark to the whole thing, it’s great in how it aims itself at the younger audience with funny looking characters and cool action sequences but at the same time, give it to the fans who really enjoy the Star Wars universe or like animation done well, then your guaranteed to see their faces light up when they come to finally sit down and watch. I found after a massive hump in the first season where sometimes i would be amazed at what i saw then cut to times when i wondered why this was happening, season number 2 on DVD drops into my lap and i just have to smash through it in a week. Because being that excited about the latest instalment of a young, but not annoying Anakin Skywalker is not geeky at all! And the animation style itself is a massive draw to me, i think if you just watch the backgrounds and how detailed everything is you appreciate the hard work and graft gone into creating these immersive worlds which just make the show a joy to watch strictly from a filmmaking process. The storylines going through this season have changed dramatically from the first season, they’ve listened to the fans and added characters they want to see and dropped the one we don’t, mainly fucking Jar Jar Binks. Any who, onto some of the storylines from this season:

Cad Bane becomes a massive trouble for everyone, the crafty bounty hunter by stealing holocron’s with important information from the Jedi’s and selling it to various powerful groups. Even Mace Windu and Obi-Wan must help Anakin and Ahsoka to bring him down. It then moves onto a bit of spying using Padme to spy on a senator who is working for the Separatists but turns sour for Anakin as they might have a romantic history. The information from the senator leads to an assault on a massive droid factory. And after using the padwan’s to infiltrate and destroy the factory, one of them is captured and the others are lead to fight zombies, well kinda like zombies. It then moves onto a new battle where Ahsoka must transport critical supplies to a medical station but the zombie virus has spread!

One of my favourite characters returns too, the awesome General Grievous returns for a little adventure. He fights Obi-Wan, narrowly escapes and seemingly gets away. Meanwhile Rex, one of the main Clones is deserted in a farm meeting a runaway clone who doesn’t want to fight. Ahsoka also has a side adventure too when her lightsaber is stolen and meets an elder Jedi. One of the least interesting storylines involves a really annoying Duchess who is protected by Obi-Wan with a weird sexual tension. It’s a four story arc which doesn’t interest me compared to the other parts of the series. But luckily it moves into better ground with a poisoning and betrayal leads to a space fight where Anakin uses a prototype stealth ship which helps supply supplies to soldiers on the planet surface. They meet pirates and then a massive monster is unleashed called a Zillo Beast; which they bring back to Coruscant. A bad idea!

Having impenetrable armour, it’s used as a science experiment to use the armour for clones, but goes badly when it destroy its holding cell and the research lab and wrecks havoc on the city leading to the Jedi’s killing it. The final storyline should be good to see where it leads where a young Boba Fett infiltrates a group of young clones on the ship where Mace Windu and Anakin are. It’s great and it shows a good side to Boba but doesn’t end well when he is chased by the Jedi’s to a planet where he has a gang of people putting him up to this. It’s a great end to a series featuring the fans favourite characters. I’m really looking forward to season 3 and what will be on offer!


Simon Childs

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