6 December 2010

Up, up and away Batman!

Superman/Batman Apocalypse – Lauren Montgomery

Now let’s start by my massive addiction to what DC Comics and Warner Bros. Animation are doing at the moment, taking the best characters from some of the best comics ever made and putting them in short and sweet direct-to-DVD films. It’s a great idea which has really paid off because all of them are being produced at a high standard and with people who really enjoy the franchises; they put their love and effort into each one creating outstanding adaptations. This latest release from the team is considered a sequel to Superman/Batman: Public Enemies in terms of the storyline with “The Girl from Krypton” and the art style is partly based on Michael Turner’s run of comics he did. With the voice actors who portray these mega characters, if you’re a big fan of the movies and cartoon series, you may recognise a couple of the voices, but these aren’t meant to have big stars but instead use voices that best represent the characters. Kevin Conroy has, for many years, been Batman and Bruce Wayne in the way of his voice, and here he isn’t used to the best of his ability heard in other films but he is Batman so you can’t complain. Tim Daly, a relative newcomer to the scene, he does well considering its Superman; it’s a hard voice to pull off.

Following the story of a girl who lands onto Earth, who turns out to be the cousin of the mighty Superman Kora Zor-El, she shows him that she has powers that are better than his which ultimately scares him realising that she may be too unstable for Earth. After she meets Superman, he invests in getting her to meet Batman and Wonder Woman and help her learn the way of the human race and earn humanity, but someone else has a better idea. Darkseid learns of Kora’s power and ability and wishes to use her in becoming the queen of the dark side of the universe. It’s a great little tale of overcoming adversity and the power of women. All of the heroes have a great part to play and they all seem to do what their powers allow them to. The fight at the end with Superman, Supergirl and Darkseid is pretty intense especially if you’re a massive geek like myself.


Simon Childs

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