6 December 2010

A for Awesome, A for Adventure, A for Approval?

The A Team – Joe Carnahan

A REMAKE! WOO! Wait, is it a remake? Or is it an adaptation from the television show finally being made for the big screen but with a completely new cast and team behind it? Been in development since the 90’s, the film is finally released and it seems to have collated all the good parts of the show and made them bigger, better and more badass! The elite team in the A team series as always been the bases for most action films, the type of sequences they created back when it was on TV really changed the action you would see on the small screen. And to move it to the big screen, they had to amplify it by 100 and they do. They deliver on that front without being outlandishly cartoonish like The Losers was, earlier this year. I want to see shit blow up and things to be flying through the air, rockets going off, hand to hand combat, and great plans to get things back, rescue missions and funny little intervals. And The A Team remake holds its own, even if the success wasn’t as big as hoped, it’s still a decent Hollywood action film which has been rarely good this year other than The Expendables.

Going through the team we have: Liam Neeson as Hannibal, the leader of the pack who is great at hatching plans, Bradley Cooper plays Faceman, the face and the looks of the group, the one who always seems to be liked by both men and women and can pretty much get out of any situation he is placed in. Rounding up the group is B.A. Baracus played by Quinton Jackson who you may know from MMA which is a type of fighting which has a massive fan base in the US but not so much over here. And the final member is my favourite, who you might recall from a little film called District 9, Sharlto Copley (“You fuckin’ prawn”) who plays the crazzzzzy Howling Mad Murdock who is the pilot for the group who ultimately is the reason behind the famous quote “I ain’t gettin’ on no plane” from B.A., formerly played by Mr T. The group finds themselves in the middle of a conspiracy where they are found to be wanted criminals even after being a group of soldiers in the force who seem to pull off the best plays to help the government out. But they are soon on the run from the C.I.A who wants them back in prison as soon as possible. Massive car explosions, buildings blowing up, ships crashing, shit going crazy, it’s such a fun film which i never knew i would say.

It’s a decent film that you may enjoy on a Sunday night with nothing on the TV; it’s a great friends and family picture too with different characters probably being liked by the different member of the family.


Simon Childs

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