27 November 2010

The Silent Killer...

The American – Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn returns with his first American film, well it’s been called his first American film because it has an American lead and is based on an American book and its production crew is mostly American, but its set in European, mostly in Italy and the rest of the cast are European, and most importantly the director is too. The verdict is that Anton Corbijn has down well by his past movies and now moves forward into the right direction, really owning into his distinctive style which you’ll notice within the first 5 minutes of the film. Slow and beautiful long shots of the scenery, the film has a bare bones script that relies on Anton’s style and flair, a director who isn’t this man would of made a boring, worthless film. The different locations being showcased in a romantic and fluid way is both calming and interesting to watch whilst the story revolves around it. Having the lead character as a photographer, it references itself in how beautiful the film is, and the lead is played by George Clooney, a man who oozes beauty in an annoying way, but at the same time you have to admire.

Clooney plays Jack, a man on the run after being found out to be an assassin and most find a new place to lay low. Soon after he is contacted in about a mission whom he accepts and must build a gun for a fellow assassin. Along the way he falls in love with a prostitute and becomes friends with a local priest. It’s a low moving film but it should be that way having the action come as a natural progression with the tension and the grace the piece emits. A few double crosses at the end, and it has a build up to the moment when it finally hits and the ending is perfect, it’s an ending to be proud of and fits really well with the whole piece.

Its graceful, it’s beautiful, its pace is just right, it has a great amount of tension and suspense, but you may find yourself bored at points and find that the minimal script may annoy you. You may also find Clooney’s performance not his best, not on the same level as Up in the Air, but you’ll appreciate his subtleness. Also, booby alert, there are two scenes featuring boobs and sex, so you have been warned!


Simon Childs

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