21 November 2010

Freddie’s back with a vengeance!

A Nightmare on Elm Street – Samuel Bayer

Before we start with this review, i thought i would flag up something I’ve found out about while researching more about this film: did you know that there seems to be one film company who has continuously financed and made sequels and remakes? And that the company is owned by none other than Michael fucking Bay? Yep. Platinum Dunes. They have pretty much, since 2003 with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, have been making remakes of famous horror films for the modern audiences and it seems, that every single of them are rubbish, but not rubbish in a boring way but rubbish in a way which doesn’t capture the original in the right way but it’s still entertaining to watch them try. The Amityville Horror, The Unborn, Friday the 13th and now A Nightmare on Elm Street, and with upcoming film on their slate, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which following the trend of their past work will include them killing people who are at the same time naked, big boobed and female. (That’s quite a funny image, a ninja turtle with big boobs!)

Back to the plot, you know the story of Freddie Kruger, if you don’t, you must have lived in a cave or something but I’ll retell it for you if this is the first time you’ll be welcomed to the Kruger tale. A man who worked at a children’s nursery with a stripy red jumper and hat is convicted of sexually abusing the children from the class and is soon tracked down by the parents of these children. It ends messy where Kruger is burned alive in a disused oil mill and many years later with the children now growing into horny teenagers, the children seem to be dying one by one. With suspicions rising in the town, the children begin to realise what’s going on. Kruger is killing them in their sleep, inflicting damage in their dream where if they get cut, they get cut in real life. It’s pretty harrowing concept if you think about it, but that’s how sick Kruger is. Here in the remake, they throw new actors doing this with relationships stemming from the whole thing. Also a bit of a fight between Kruger and a couple of them.

The main thing here though is the imaginative deaths, some are gory, some are tame, wait until the very end and you’ll see something fucking horrible but also awesome. So it’s a good film, it has scary parts and the dreams themselves look cool too, so i would seek it out on a night in, in the dark, would be shit scary.


Simon Childs

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