27 November 2010

Girls on film

Sex and the City 2 – Michael Patrick King

Fully expecting this pile of shit to be, well, a steaming pile of shit, i wasn’t wrong as it delivered on all fronts in every department. Horrible acting, a laughable script, and a message that is totally wrong to give out, a pace that’s unsettling, editing and camerawork that makes me shudder in hatred, and throw in some more things that are important which they just seem not to care about. It’s a film aimed at women, obviously, taking “real” stories of a woman and putting them onto the big screen whilst making it Aspirational. Aspirational is the key word here because girls actually watch this and wish they were one of the four ladies who make the “gang” up. If i ever have a girl, i will never ever buy them this, i will never ever make them watch it, i will actually tell them they can never watch this pile of shit because it’s damaging to a girl. In my opinion, it’s degrading, it’s pointless and it’s just brings up the bad qualities of a woman’s life. Now i’m not knocking the fact they are open with their sexuality or the fact they have three best friends who will always stand by them, but the morals, the life lessons, they are just over-the-top and fucking shameful.

Starring four really old and disgusting looking women who seem to be labelled “beautiful” because of the clothes they wear and the amount of money they have, they go on an adventure to a new country to change it? Well the whole point of the film is throwing four American women into a new place and making fun of their ways. Ha bloody ha, it’s just weak writing and it shows. If people are lapping this up, it amazes me they can even stand up. All of them have relationship problems which are boring as shit and really don’t lend well to a film version. It’s just more money thrown at it along with better cameras. There is no difference and it just reeks of a cash cow freshly laid poo on a field full of great films which could easily have been made instead of wasting the money on this. I just can’t believe that people enjoy this fucking disgraceful shit that i will never ever watch again or even talk about; it’s a waste of time and breath

I actually couldn’t wait to sit down to watch this terrible movie because then i could fuel the fire that I’ve had about the television series and the previous film, I’ve dipped and watched a couple of find out what it’s like. It’s a disgrace that loads of people like it, it really is, i could name at least 10 different television shows better than this and i will right now: The Simpsons, Friends, The Wire, Friday Night Lights, Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Extras, Spaced, Lost, Flight of the Conchords, The Mighty Boosh, Entourage, The League, Eastbound and Down and South Park. I did even better than 10, i did 16, and i could probably list about 50. Don’t watch this.


Simon Childs

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