2 October 2010

It’s unthinkable to think of it being too thinkable (huh?)

Unthinkable –Gregor Jordan

Let’s start off right to the point: This is a really surprising hit, as i never thought this would be that good, especially a straight-to-DVD released, but with some great acting across the board, the film is a great watch. It’s a good dramatic thriller with suspense that seems to last the whole film and you really don’t know where the film will end up and it’s the first time I’ve felt that in the long time.

The film follows three people and how their lives clash in one instance when an American ex-soldier who turns into a different person after seeing death and destruction in the war zone and uses his knowledge and expertise to place three bombs around the US in major cities with the possibility of killing millions of people. Two people are brought in, Detective Brody, played by Carrie-Anne Moss who just locate the bombs and make sure they don’t go off and against the cool, calm collective nature of Brody, “H”, played by Sam Jackson plays a torture expert with many years in the field and is brought in to extract the information needed to find the bombs.

Having not seen Carrie-Anne Moss in a film for many years (well any decent ones), a great performance shines through here, even though you’ve a solid Samuel L Jackson playing a crazy guy and he pulls it off because he is pretty mental and Michael Sheen is intense in the film, one of the best performances from him that will shock you considering he was in The Queen and the Damned United. All three come to the film with experience and take a mediocre script and elevate to a level that really deserves to be released in the cinema. The ending is a massive surprise, which you won’t see coming at all and films that give away the ending or are over obvious actually bore me now, i want to be surprised, i want to sit down and not know what happens next, that brings me into the film experience. The film experience should be where you just switch off and you just watch and your brain just thinks about the film, the characters, the settings and the story. I don’t care about anything else just the film and the film puts me into the experience of torture and what might really occur behind closed doors and shows a normal person being pushed into an uncomfortable level with society. The mix of detective work from Moss and the crazy, mental


Simon Childs

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