29 September 2010

“This may be the last thing that i write for long...”

The Last Song – Julie Anne Robinson

This week’s DVD releases include a film that i wasn’t particular happy in viewing because of the lead actress and the whole hysteria around her. I know it stars other good actors like Greg Kinnear and Liam Hemsworth, brother of Thor, but even if these good actors and a seemingly “adult” story have been thrown in to make her act better, i will never see a good performance from Miley Cyrus. She’s over hyped and liked by so many people that it actually frustrates me that people would find her entertaining or good in any fashion, be that music, television or in movies. Across the board she is shit, with people writing her music for her, people styling her career to fit the mould and the films that have been made with her in them, well let’s say they lack a certain thing: talent. Sure most young actors from the Disney and Nickelodeon generation haven’t done great jobs, well perhaps maybe Zac Efron seems to be pulling away from that image, but for a majority, they pamper their audience knowing that the money will flow in if their name is included. This may seem harsh to say, but if i ever have a kid and they love Miley Cyrus, and want to listen to her music, watch her acting skills, I’ll probably go insane and abandon that child. Yes, that’s how much she angers me. (I apologise to anyone that finds that last statement too much, it was an imagery child, its okay, nothing bad will happen to them as they are imagery. Well except for imagery diseases they can contact, but its okay, we’ve had the imagery vaccination injection.)

The film follows Miley Cyrus and her younger brother going to visit her dad, Greg Kinnear in a beach like town where only a few thousand people live. Along the way she meets Liam Hemsworth and they form a new relationship, a summer love, but because her being alternative and that people in the world are “against” her, the relationship doesn’t end up as smooth as she’d like. Throw in a storyline about a sick dad, turtles on a beach and middle class families not liking mud and you have this shit fest of a film. I can’t believe i sat through watched this. I’m almost tempted to send a letter to the makers just so i could ask for my time back. The reason I’ve reviewing it is because it helps vent the anger and it stops you lovely people from ever watching it. And if anyone ever says this film is good, punch them in the face. Thanks.


Simon Childs

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