2 October 2010

I see naked dead people

After. Life – Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo

A straight to DVD release, the latest horror/suspense/mystery film named After. Life, spelt in a horrible way, is about Anna (Christina Ricci) dying and being in the care of Eliot Deacan (Liam Neeson) who tells her that she is died and that he can talk to dead people and must help them on their passage onto the afterlife. Some investigative skills and freaky dreams, Ricci’s boyfriend, Paul, played by Justin Long tries to come to terms with it all but soon finds out that something is wrong with the death of Ricci.

Here is my WTF Moment of the whole film: Justin Long’s dream when he sees her pull out her heart and a bit of blood dribbles out of her. Sick! Justin Long has recently been staring in horror films, but he’s better as a comedic actor, i personally feel, maybe you’ll feel different after his performance in this, but i doubt it. But i do love the fact that he punches children in this film, something you rarely see, but totally fucking awesome! Seeing Christina Ricci topless and in a sex scene, selling her soul or making it alright to look at a naked lady in a film? And yes more bare booby. It’s great you know sometimes to see boob but when there is too much, it gets a bit over baring. I’m sure younger people will love it so they can pause it and you know, do stuff to it, but getting to the age and with more professionalism, it just brings a movie down a bit. Sure it can used sometimes in the right way and enhances a scene, the over use of it, the fall back of seeing a bare nipple becomes boring after the fifth or sixth time in a film. Liam Neeson turn as a horrible villain that works because he can turn sinister at any moment. The Neeson slow walk will now become a common trait in horror films where the hunter stalks their prey in his kind of walk. Quite terrifying in the way he does it without moving any other limb in his body apart from his feet and legs.

At certain points the film feels like a college made horror film with slow mo pieces of stuff smashing or the shot composition. But it does a lot of suspense, especially when she holds the knife in a “gangsta” way. Why in horror films can’t people use doors properly? I know it sounds weird, but really, it’s quite easy to kick a door down or use the knob to turn the door or use a key you’ve found. It seems it’s a common thing nowadays where under pressure door handling is shit. And why do most horror films contain a strange looking boy? One that looks like he is going to rape something when he is older. It’s pretty fucking weird, not everyone knows a weird looking kid, especially ones that follow you and have a strange crush on you that in the end saves the day. What am i saying; i need a kid like that, so he can save me from the clutches of a villain. Any suggestions write them on a postcard and send them in.


Simon Childs

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