29 July 2010

Welcome to the land of Pele...(The Pacific Part 5)

Part 5: Directed by Carl Franklin

With an introduction that good from Tom Hanks and the dark interviews with the soldiers, the battle which was called “the toughest island takeover of World War 2”, you can feel the anticipation in the air, and this episode, being the middle point of the series could possibly be the best. With the 1st Marines arriving on a new island, which was said to have conflict for 2 months, it looks like Leckie and the new recruit, Sledge have their work cut out for them. But before all that, the return of the infamous Basilone, with a couple of funny scenes here to start the episode off alongside another one of The Pacific’s wonderfully awkward sex scenes. And the end of Basilone segment with a touching but semi-disturbing moment about his time on Guadalcanal. We’re back with the new recruit Sledge in the battle of Peleliu and his introduction into the war scene. Leckie strolls in as well, and we can see Sledge and Leckie being at the same place, hopefully their stories will interact with each other. They chat to each other and then they soon fight together, where the action picks up and the last half of the episode is a massive battle scene, where you see the true greatness of the series so far, showing the true nature of a gunfight, where your just stumbling around trying not to get shot, people around you dying. It’s chaos. A great episode, almost feels like a two part episode, where the battle of Peleliu will continue with Sledge worried about what the future holds and showing Leckie somewhat different to what he was before, he seems scared.

Simon Childs

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