30 July 2010

Brokeback Mountain 2: Sex In The City

I Love You Philip Morris - Glenn Ficarra and John Requa

I just wanna get something off my chest real quick before i start to review this film. Now I’m not homophobic and i don’t hate people because of their sexuality and i certainly don’t have any judgements to any people who chose that lifestyle. It’s not a nice thing to do and it’s certainly not fair to say hurtful things to people who are exactly the same. We all human beings. So let me begin in when i say that this film is probably one of the gayest films I’ve ever seen, it don’t mean it in a hurtful way and i don’t mean it in a discriminative way, just the fact that this film is very camp and very gay. So just be warned that if your against this kind of behaviour or have strong feelings towards it then maybe this film is not for you. And i stress that, yes there is a gay sex scene and does involve other gay activities with the two leads Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. But i thought i would check this out for it’s humour, because Jim hasn’t made many films this year and i like Jim Carrey the comedic actor, i think he is still funny, so to see it for its humour, i can see why people might be turned off by the prospect of watching it.

But nonetheless the film follows the true story of Steven Jay Russell played by Jim Carrey, as a multiple escape artist who falls in love with Philip Morris whilst in prison for fraud and stealing money from a massive company. The film follows the seemingly highs and very lows of the couple as they first meet in prison, to being released together to Steven earning mega money amounts by lying and cheating his way through businesses leading to him being put back in prison with Philip. It has scenes that are genuinely funny especially with Carrey as he does steal the show for most of it and sometimes it does miss the point a little. But i surprised with the chemistry between the two leads. They pull off the relationship well and you can tell their is a genuine affection for each other. Through in come on prison gay jokes and it does seem like you’ve seen it before, but the quirky nature, the strangely addictive theme music and the cheesy accents, it makes the film for an okay viewing. It won’t blow you away but nor will it bore you.

There has been a lot of criticism lately for Jim Carrey and his performances, motioning that he has somewhat fallen wayward in his comedic presence and only performing in films for money. Now i disagree, yes there are a few films that don’t show his true potential but at the same time, comedy has moved on. Comedic actors change and so do the styles of humour that the common audience enjoy. Look at the massive uprising of teen comedies fronted by Judd Apatow. More and more of these types of films are being made but then I’m sure this movement will soon die out and something new will appear. So Jim Carrey will have his day again and he will show how truly amazing he really is.


Simon Childs

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