30 July 2010

Multi-dimensional Mind Fuck (MMF)

Inception – Christopher Nolan

With my last review of the epically amazing Toy Story 3, i gave the film a 9.5 because i couldn’t find the way of giving the film a full ten because of Kick-Ass and because of this film right here, Inception. I knew this film would blow me away from all the reviews, the trailers, the behind-the-scenes features, the early reports and the massive online marketing scheme, it had hit written all over it. And not forgetting the fact its Christopher Nolan directing, which instantly makes it a classic along with the somewhat invincible Leonardo DiCaprio alongside one of the best ensemble casts the world has ever seen with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. Each actor could easily front a film by themselves, but here they are pawns for the Leo show and you can easily see why the best actors in the world would want to work with him. He’s a megastar. Now with Inception, you’ve probably seen all the reviews and all the talk of it being complex, being mind-boggling stuff which i found not to be the case. Sure it involves a storyline that doesn’t let up that doesn’t slow down for the audience, but i got it, i understand pretty much all of it and I’ll demonstrate by describing to you what happens in the film.

The films follows Dominic Cobb played by Leo, who is an extractor who infiltrates peoples dream to take information from inside their minds, deep within their consensus for people who he is hired by. His team also consists of Gordon-Levitt who plays Arthur who researches his targets and makes sure everything is okay such as times of whereabouts, who is in contact with them and at the start of the film it just involves them two but due to a massive job constructed by Saito played by Ken, who pays Dominic and Arthur to infiltrate Robert Fischer an heir to a massive amount of money and businesses (played by Cillian Murphy). Saito helps Cobb form a team to help get the information from Fischer by constructing a multi-level dream for Fischer to believe is happening. A dream within a dream within a dream. It all makes sense. These dreams are then made by the architects, people who can form these landscapes, these mazes to make the person believes that the dream is real. Played by Ellen Page, the young architect here also plays the mentality-straightener of Cobb, who keeps telling him what he is doing wrong and how he needs to change. Also in the team, played by Tom Hardy, is Eames, a man who can impersonates a target inside the dream who makes the target believe further the dream is real. See, sounds easy doesn’t it. Just a massive job that these guys must do to get the information, but the way they get info is by planting information inside the mind, which hasn’t been done before, and by planting something inside the targets mind, this will lead to them changing their mind and believing in the people further. It’s all about belief and accepting it. Through in some relationship problems, some funny and interesting connections with the characters, and add in an amazing 45 minute end sequence which will blow your mind by having four epic scenes happen AT THE SAME TIME!

Overall, this film is truly spectacular, the soundtrack by the one and only Hans Zimmer, the same cinematography throughout Nolan’s career is defiantly one of the best in the business, showing the truly magnificent scenery and worlds these people inhabit and mix in the perfection direction by Nolan, which you can see has taken years to perfect where each scene will go and how it will end in the timeline of events. So please go see this film, go see it more than once, buy it on DVD, tell your friends it’s your favourite movie of all time, because, its. That. Fucking. Good.


Simon Childs

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