19 July 2010

Trailer Watch XV

Hey readers, we here at Popcorn Paradise are now going to change the regular showing of new trailers for every week, instead, we are going to unload a heavy dose of trailerage to your lovely eyes once a month, showing you the latest releases from the 15th to the next months 15th. It will hopefully show you the latest and greatest and be the best 20 trailers released from films coming out next month or next year. We hope you enjoy!

1. Knight and Day

2. Charlie St. Cloud

3. Grown Ups

4. Splice

5. Rio

6. The Killer Inside Me

7. Alpha and Omega

8. Somewhere

9. Never Let Me Go

10. Paper Man

11. The Town

12. The Social Network

13. Little Fockers

14. Rango

15. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

16. RED

17. Paranormal Activity 2

18. Piranha 3D

19. Winters Bone

20. Welcome to the Rileys

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