15 July 2010

Medal of Honor: Frontline baby! (The Pacific Part 3)

Part 3: Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

Moving away from the war scenes, the marines now find themselves down under, in Australia, back on turf with no conflict or fighting, but with women, alcohol and luxuries. When they first arrive, it’s a massive shock noticing the hundreds of people who have come out to see them and cheer them on. It only leads to them wanting to be young again, chasing tail and drinking. With the three separate storylines, each one having different problems, with one receiving the highest honour, the medal of honour, the one chasing a woman, and the other seemingly trying to marry another. It follows the path of each very well without being too distracting or boring and keeps the pace up. By having this episode the light humour in-between the death and destruction, it shows the two lives the soldiers live, the one for killing and the one for socialising. And this episode marks the first sex scene and as you’d imagine from HBO it’s pretty graphic. This also shows that the marines are starved of their natural human ways, and sex is something they’ve gone without for many many months, maybe even years. It’s more emotional than sexual in this scene. But later on, more sex scenes appear and i guess it shows the true nature of being a Marine at war. A good in-between episode, which i expect to pick up next week.

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