24 July 2010

Nocturnal enuresis, the posh way of saying bedwetting! (The Pacific Part 4)

Part 4: Directed by Graham Yost

A pick up in pace was needed from the last episode and here it kinda delivers. It’s not what i wanted, but I’m sure it will lead onto new things. With one of the lead characters now back in America, the attention turns to Eugene Sledge and Rob
ert Leckie as they fight in the battle of Cape Gloucester, showing Leckie showing the strain of the war and how it’s affecting him and with Sledge being trained and finally joining the war. It’s a good mix of humour with emotional attachment to the characters as they brave against the horrible conditions that plague the soldiers, especially with the last quarter of the episode showing Leckie in the establishment for soldiers who are either mentally unstable or who have bodily disorders, such as Leckie’s chronic bedwetting. After seeing more Marines like him with severe cases, he realises that he needs to leave and join his crew again. The fact of knowing that people out there who are worse than him is hurting him and he wants to finally get rid of the Japanese in these fights he’s being sent to. Next week’s episode should be good to see where they go next, to see the next island they must fight on and perhaps, Basilone will be shown in his adventures back home. And i must say, i enjoyed the scenes where you can see the physical toll it has on the men in the jungle, where the jungle itself is the enemy. It’s a harrowing thing to think about, not just the people trying to kill you but the environment you’re in as well is trying to harm you.

Simon Childs

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