20 May 2010

Plan “B” for Michael Caine

Harry Brown – Daniel Barber

Over the recent decade, London filmmakers have been showing the city to be gritty, full of crime, violence, alcohol abuse, drug taking, underage sex, horrible, horrible things occurring throughout. Now growing up in London, sure i was exposed to certain things, some bad, but I’m sure everyone has. Films like Kidulthood and Adulthood were new to the audiences, giving teenagers a voice, showing them how they talked, and what happened. And with Harry Brown, it shows it too. It gives young people, who are the sort who watch these films, emulate it and such, that’s how they really act. Now I’m not saying its all teenagers, but a strong group of them. They cause violence and live life like they own it. And it’s horrible. I’m sure we’ve all been there, getting mugged by a chav or some dickhead who’s been underage drinking or something. And to have a hero like Michael Caine, appear and fuck them up, makes it ten times better. I wouldn’t have it any other way, other than the legend that is Michael fucking Caine.

It follows Michael, a pensioner, a widow, living on a shitty London estate. Local gangs run the place, causing havoc and terrorising anyone who crosses their path. Events lead Caine to get revenge and find the members who killed his best friend, the caretaker from Harry Potter. It’s gruesome, it’s shocking and most of all, the audience agree with Caine. They want him to succeed, they want him to fuck these little immature teenagers and show them that their ways have to stop. Add some cameos from that “hard” guy from Skins plus a great character played by the rapper Plan B, last seen in the okay Kidulthood. His performance is great, he plays it well, you can see he hasn’t done it because of his fame but because he actually has some talent. I just hope Dappy from N Dubz doesn’t want to be the next big British actor; otherwise, we are all fucked!

And on a final note, i apologise for the amount of swearing in this review, i just get that way talking about LAAAAANNNNDDDDOOOONNNN Town, as Amy Winehouse once said. Every time i go back, i act all cockney, and i guess with this film, it brings back memories, not always well, but i guess liveable. The film has been likened to Gran Torino, a similar tale in America starring Clint Eastwood as Michael Caine in the situation, taking the law into his own hands. I must admit before seeing Harry Brown, i wasn’t looking forward to something good, i was surprised, as I’m sure you will be too, and defiantly check out Gran Torino if you like it too.


Simon Childs

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