24 April 2010

I love Woody Harrelson!

Zombieland – Ruben Fleischer

Watching this film for the second film after seeing it in the cinema and then again on Blu-Ray, you find little things that you may not have seen on the first viewing. This happens for most films. You pick up on things that improve the viewing, showcasing the acting or the direction. But sometimes, watching a film again, it makes it show its true face, you know, when you watch it again and it becomes laughable. Like recently, checked out the director’s cut Blu-Ray version of Watchmen. It was bad. I remember seeing it at the IMAX in London, and it was good, it wasn’t amazing, but it was good. Now i agree with some people saying it’s very boring. Anyway, back to Zombieland, another dose of Jesse Eisenberg with the recent review of Adventureland, here he plays a more confident type, but still shit at love. He’s the new version of Michael Cera, the middle-class version. It’s strange how both these actors have made a living being the uncomfortable geeky type. They both play it well, but it will get to a point where they will become utterly annoying. I love both actors, so we’ll see how it fairs.

Anyway, back to the review, and the plot of the film is simple, Eisenberg who plays Columbus, lives in a world infested with zombies and meets Tallahassee, Woody Harrelson’s character and they form a friendship in helping them get to a certain place. On the travel to these places they bump into the sisters Little Rock and Wichita, played by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, yes the kids from Superbad and Little Miss Sunshine. They all have place names to show where they are from, so they can show how far they’ve travelled trying to find a place to stay and hole up because of the millions of zombies after their flesh. Each actor brings a different style of comedy and acting, and it works brilliantly, all actors started from independent films that focused on acting and showcased how good these cats are and here they are allowed to show their funny bones with Harrelson stealing the show. A lot better than his strange cameo in 2012. Also look out for the hilarious Bill Murray cameo, which almost steals the whole film.

It’s a great film to check out with friends and it’s a decent piece to add to the zombie survival genre, being genuinely funny, not as good as Shaun of the Dead, but it’s very close to being. Out of the two, Adventureland and Zombieland, i prefer Zombieland, so go check it out for the weekend if your bored.


Simon Childs

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