1 May 2010

The Legion of Doom!

Legion – Scott Stewart

It has a comic book kind of themes to it; you can imagine this being a series where the lead character over a period of time saves the world and everything. Archangel Michael, yes that legend, comes to Earth to save something from somebody that could somehow something something. Yeah i didn’t really care, as soon as the film had an old woman say the c word. Yes the c word. Please, just watch it for that scene. It’s hilarious. The actress who played her is now my favourite actor of all time, better than Paul Dano! I know, it’s that good. But i guess i should review the whole film, not just that scene, but if they could of, give that woman a whole film just to swear, bite people and just generally cause fucking havoc.

The wonderful Paul Bettany stars, who i rate for the actor; I’ve always appreciated his work, even though sometimes it shows us that he has only been picked for his looks. But when he’s on form, he really does steal it. And making this type of film in Hollywood, a clear showing how he can do action. How he can be the next Stallone or Willis. But i think he’s better than that. I don’t see from looking at the script, the lack of dialogue and sometimes even decent dialogue can’t be seen. The story follows a woman who is pregnant and the kid could stop the world from dying? Or something or about how God wants the kid to die because of what it means? And Michael comes down from heaven and helps the child survive a brutal killing from hundreds of zombie humans who have been taken over by God to help kill the child. They hold up in a diner in the middle of a desert with the guy from Transformers, the woman from Grey’s Anatomy, a girl from The OC and Dennis Quaid. It’s an ensemble cast from various other things and it’s shocking to see the normally decent Quaid in this type of vehicle. It ends the way you think, with a lot of random violence and action.

Looking at the basic idea for the film, it could easily work, but sadly, there is nothing in it. It had the same fate for 30 Days of Night. Many people believe that a great idea leads to an awesome film, sadly not the case. Although i quite enjoyed 30 Days Of Night, but its swings and roundabouts. Check this film out if you have nothing to do, actually wait, i don’t even suggest doing that, there are millions of great films out there to watch, don’t waste your time (but do watch the scene with the old lady, it’s bad shit funny!).


Simon Childs

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