18 April 2010

Avatar meets Terminator Salvation: The common link: Sam Worthington!

Clash of the Titans – Louis Leterrier

Seeing this film on the back burner of a great film-centric weekend with Shutter Island and Kick-Ass, coming into the film i had doubts. I knew it wasn’t going to be great from the reviews and from the trailers I’ve seen. And plus my mother wanted to see this. And knowing her choice of films to watch at the cinema, the last film i took her to see was Inkheart. Yes Inkheart. I know. Shocking. And before that was The Mummy series too. All of them. But she did love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. But still. Mummy and Inkheart. It was horrible. And this film fell into that category of being an action adventure film taking the viewer into a new place, into a new timeframe, and just letting their imagination be freed for an hour and a half. And that what Clash of the Titans tried to do. It tried to reimaging the original using better graphics and teaches the audience about Greek mythology. But because of my addictive God of War playing. I have a totally different perspective of the tales of Greek mythology. And I’m sure all of you reading this knows what I’m talking about!

The film follows Perseus, a fisherman, after his mother and father with children are killed by Hades after a statue of Zeus is destroyed by civilians of Argos. It then sets a motion of events leading Perseus to question his birth and go on a mission to find weapons to kill Hades including getting the head of Medusa and using it to kill the Kraken. I won’t reveal the massive twist, but it’s obvious. Sam Worthington plays Perseus with Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes as Hades. It’s a pretty great casting choice for Zeus and Hades and i would have loved to see more of these two. Just fighting or some shit. It was pretty good to see. But alas no Poseidon or Hercules were seen; disappointment. You’ll see throughout the film, a cast of relatively known people who have you racking your brains in having seen in past films like the villain from Casino Royale, the two off Skins and some other geezers looking hard. Sam Worthington plays a cross between the character in Terminator and Avatar. Shocking really, i think i know why he got the role. He must surely make a better film soon, maybe something that isn’t the same.

It’s a film to see at film with a group of people, loads of popcorn, maybe a few drinks. It’s fairly gory and some scenes will make you numb. For an action film, it lacks action. Which is strange to say, but the set pieces just feel the same, like the whole scorpion set piece which just reminds you of Transformers. The ending is not built up and not realistic. The Kraken is fucking massive; i don’t understand how one wave he made would not have just destroyed that fucking city in the first place. Makes no sense!


Simon Childs

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