26 October 2010

The Killer that needs to kill the inside of me...

The Killer Inside Me – Michael Winterbottom

A film that appears in your face ready to punch you the fuck out, The Killer Inside Me is pure brutality, some realistic shit that just goes to show what a human is capable of. Starting off quite innocently, it slowly turns into something entirely different, which will catch you off guard but it may sway you to turn it off. And i recommend you do, it’s a horrible, over-the-top murderous film where rape and the beating of woman are justified because a man had a bad upbringing and he may be a little unsettled. It has some decent performances but because of how dark and low the film continually is, there’s no hope, just darkness. Directed by the famous Michael Winterbottom, a man not shy from showing honest and truthful stories, a man remembered for the film, 9 Songs showing real sexual intercourse, here Winterbottom explores the human mind through violence and sexuality. But this seems he’s Hollywood start of his career, mostly making British films before to smaller audiences, it seems as though this was his break through effort and sadly it doesn’t work. As mentioned before, the performances are okay, with Casey Affleck being stone cold fucking strange, as creepy as he slowly progresses through the film covering up his mistakes.

Casey Affleck plays Sheriff Lou Ford in a small Texas town where he seems to lead a very normal and boring life until his, what he calls, “sickness” reappears which leads to Ford becoming a sociopath, killing and raping anyone who gets in his way. Through the use of flashbacks, we see where this illness comes from, where the fucked up childhood might have had something to do with it. Along the way, the more he kills and rapes, the more he must cover up leading to leaks and suspicions about his behaviour. The film steadily builds up, throwing more tension and more anguish when all i really want is the film to end and for Ford to be killed. It’s only rare i want this to happen, but here, i want it to happen within the first 20 minutes of the film. Just someone kill him, please!

It lacks heart and soul which literally slowly takes away from yours, only watch in a depressing mood and don’t watch with loved ones or on a date. It will ruin any relationship you have. I promise!


Simon Childs

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