26 October 2010

Double cross the double cross

The Disappearance of Alice Creed – J Blakeson

An original idea sometimes comes rarely at the movies, with rehashed scripts and films that are either sequels, prequels, remakes or all of that jazz so when a film comes along with an idea they you may have not seen in a long time or something new entirely, it’s a breath of fresh air. Along with this, imagine it to be relatively interesting with some good performances and a good pace and you’ve got The Disappearance of Alice Creed. A British, thriller film starring the beautiful Gemma Arterton, and the surprisingly psycho and weird Martin Compston and Eddie Marsan who kidnap the wonderful Arterton. It’s a rare mix of excitement and terrifying to think if this really happened, what you would really do, you throw yourself into the main character role and imagine what you would do. Once i had seen the trailer, it did have me interested in how this would end up, and when it finally arrived on DVD, i knew i had to find it out and watch it. And thankfully, i was right, it’s a decent watch with a good story, it may be predictable where you think you’ll know where it will go and it does seem at times similar to other films you’ve seen but the way it’s shot and the script it gives it a push into a great British film. The performances will be remembered, and you’ll remember these actors who will probably go onto massive things like Arterton has done staring in Prince of Persia and The Clash of the Titans.

The plot revolves around Alice Creed, the girl from the title of the film who is kidnapped by Danny and Vic who use Alice to get a large amount of money from Alice’s father. But unfortunately the plan doesn’t quite go to plan with Danny and Alice having a past even though Vic and Danny are lovers. It’s complicated but in a good way in how these relationships unfolds throughout the film through little instances. Starring only three people, each character is fleshed out well through small mannerisms and the detail there is very cool and you’ll notice the looks, the little movement patterns and you’ll appreciate it. All set in one flat, the grimy look of the flat works well with the story and some of the actions that Alice is made to do will make you squirm in your seat.

Don’t watch with loved ones, there are sex scenes and nudity. It will make you feel uncomfortable. I will now, every film i review give you a heads up if it’s okay to watch with family or not, because i hate when films just pop up with a rape scene or something worse. It ruins the mood. And i’m looking at you, The Pacific!


Simon Childs

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