5 August 2010

Bon voyage Leckie! (The Pacific Part 6)

Part 6: Directed by Tony To

Starting off with a mini warning from the real footage and the interviews with the soldiers in the particularly battle which will be depicted, the comparison o
f numbers of Japanese men to Marines sums up the whole piece and the battle that takes place on the airfield. It’s a long battle sequence and easily one of the best of the series so far. It looks spectacular and clearly the main piece in the whole series, with tons of money being used to recreate something so close to reality it’s scary. Bodies flying all over the place, limbs all over the battleground, men screaming and shouting whilst being shot at and the place going off in smoke. It’s a terrifying representation of war and with two main characters involved; you begin to wonder if their time is up. With Leckie and his men seen from the very beginning of the series, they are a close knit team and it’s sad to see them slowly one by one begin to get killed. Leckie takes it hard in this episode, resulting in him being emitted into the more serious casualty boat. Whilst Sledge seems to be growing to his new team where they were very different, almost forcing him to be an outcast, but in war, you must be a team and it seems to have changed for them. Sledge looking round and realising that it is as brutal as what people have called it. It’s a great episode and the pinnacle point of the series so far. I really hope it gets even better from here or it carries on the battle of Peleliu. It seems to be drawn out a lot with the whole fighting, but maybe now with the airfield being taken, it will move to somewhere new.

Simon Childs

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