6 March 2010

I’m still holding onto the balloons of Pixar and never letting go!

UP - Pete Docter

Recalling back to my childhood and watching films with the family, a safe bet would always be the latest offering by Disney. They offered imagination and great storytelling; using intriguing characters in crazy outlandish worlds. Places where i wanted to visit for real and become friends with the protagonists whilst on their journeys. As i became older, these views changed. I watched wrestling, action films, more adult themed television, and i lost my interest in childish adventures with talking animals. I’ve now got to the age where I’m officially an adult. I’m not meant to enjoy Disney and things of that nature. Cute animals and little children. I’m meant to tell it to fuck off. But alas, i don’t. I’ve had a soft spot for anime and animation in general. I’m a whore for it. And i especially love the revolutionary film company that is Pixar. I can stand here and say that Pixar have never made a bad film. It’s one of the only film companies to proudly exclaim it. That all of their releases have had critical success along with the numbers to prove it. I loved Toy Story, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and absolutely adored Wall E. And here, in 2009, another Pixar masterpiece was released. One that maybe is their best yet. It’s called UP.

I knew from the opening scenes that UP would use the same system as past Pixar films, but have a new twist, bring something new to the genre. And it did. Even from the opening montage, showing the age change of the main couple, it was frightening sad and genuinely funny. I was moved. And this was only the first five minutes. I was captured. And not a single second did i drop my interest. I was there throughout. Now the film centres around two characters, Carl and Russell, two unlikely heroes, who band together to make their dreams come true. Carl wanting to move his house to Paradise Falls to live out a dream that Carl and his now deceased Wife wanted, he meets Russell, who wants an elderly helper badge and must do anything he can to help Carl. They find an extinct bird that helps them on the journey and the adventure begins. It’s wonderful. Pixar has the knack of having a perfect pace. Not too quick into the action but at the same time, allowing a steady build up for when it explodes.

Some day, when I’m older, I’m gonna show Pixar films to my kids, to give them morals and spark their imagination. I’m not gonna show them television shows that are harmful or make them play violent video games. Children who are brought up on Pixar films are, in my view, better people for it. They learn right and wrong in a safer setting. Pixar films are the bases for so many adults of the generation, who want to change the world, who want to help people and who want to make a difference. Pixar expects the audience to understand on so many levels. Not just entertainment. The films always hit every audience group, from small children to elderly people. It’s not ageist. So please, i beg you, if you haven’t seen UP yet, and think that it won’t be better than Finding Nemo or Toy Story, it might just blow your mind. It’s like The Dark Knight of the animation world. It needs to be seen!


Simon Childs

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