5 March 2010

Don't tear my Paper Heart

Paper Heart - Nicholas Jasenovec

Looking into the types of films that have been released this year so far, well mostly January and February, the common occurrence of big action films are released around January where most people are off, children from school, adults because of snow or fake illness. It makes sense, and now we are coming into March, Paper Heart is released on DVD, a perfect present for a loved one, maybe if you missed Valentine’s Day or was sleeping with her sister/his brother. It’s a fake documentary mixed with real content, it’s hard to describe, it starts off as a documentary, containing real interviews, but also mixed animations with acting from the main characters in a fake relationship. Charlyne Yi is its main star, the obviously nervous and shy musician and comedian who doesn’t believe in love and wants to find out more, travels across the US to find tales of real love, from gay relationships, 50 year marriages to divorces and Harley riders, Charlyne has some great chemistry with these people, where they describe their vision of true love and when you know you’ve found it.

The film begins to twist a little when Charlyne meets Michael Cera, played by Michael Cera, at a party, and Michael is interested in Charlyne, over the course of the film, by both beginning to see more of each other, in the end resulting in them becoming a couple. Along with this buding romance, various interviews with real people are shown to represent different relationship types, from long marriages, to gay romances, to single people looking for their "one". It's all very sad and a bit soppy! As well as seemingless random animations from Charlyne that are quite quirky and funny. Overall, i thought i would hate it, i thought the romance aspect would make me angry, make me want to smash something and disapprove of this romance bullshit and the idea of love. But i was wrong. I found it likeable. It's something different. It's something that you could take a loved one to see and you would enjoy it as much as her. It's a real surprise. I would recommend it to others just to show more of Michael Cera. And please if you haven't seen Arrested Development, go watch it or just die.

With Valentine's Day been and gone, maybe next year, surprise them with this DVD. Really, do it, you would easily get some lovin' that night! YEAHHHHH!


Simon Childs

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