29 January 2010

When Saw gets political...

Saw 6 - Kevin Greutert

Having a drill caving your skull in is probably what most viewers get when they watch the recent Saw films, that or either a massive boner from the amount of violence. The Saw franchise have just become a yearly regime where in October, teenage boys get to take girls there, and in the dark, feel them up as they scare them in horror on the screen. Everyone knows this happens, I bet even the directors know this as they come up for another excuse to make a Saw film. The next one will be 3D, after that, what? What other gimmick or storyline could they throw in there? Jigsaw is fucking dead, let me die, and stop giving him people who were on his side but never revealed it. It’s boring and tiresome. And I can honestly say I really enjoyed Saw, the original, the first, the one with the new concept and interesting plot twists. The ones after become tired routines of violence and woman, and screaming and the now obvious plot twists. It’s as bad as some of M Night Shyamalan’s plot twists. You can see them from a mile away.

The plot goes as following, some people die in horrific ways, one of these people is the main guy who goes through challenges to try and save himself along with others. It ends up messy and bloody, whilst the police guy who worked for Jigsaw is acting all menacing and still isn’t getting found out by the police, they are really shit in this film, can’t solve anything! I know I’m not really caring about what I put about the plot, but I doubt you’ll wanna see this film voluntarily or when really drunk. It doesn’t matter about the plot, it matters about the deaths. The new, exciting ways to kill a human being. My personal favourite was the guy who has chemicals pumped into his body with spikes through his back and you see his body melt away. Lovely. There is a strange underlining theme of the US health insurance problems, but it feels outdated. They try to make Jigsaw’s killings reason of how an insurance company won’t insure people with illness, even if a cold. It’s disappointing that they think they could do this. But a real theme in a film like this.

If you want a decent horror experience, check out the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Friday The 13th or even modern day horror films like Drag Me To Hell, the Japanese Ring and the Evil Dead trilogy, well they are not really horror films, but still if you haven’t watched them, go to the your nearest Blockbuster and rent them! Or just buy them online. Do it now. I beg you. Stop reading this review of a shitty film and go and watch the films. Your still wasting your time here reading a Saw 6 review when you could be watching the almighty Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi’s cinema master class. GO!


Simon Childs

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