13 December 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby...OH MY GOD!

Frozen – Adam Green

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Did you see his knee? The bone just going straight through his leg? Oh fuck that shit! I hate films that have any type of injury, especially ones around the knee, and i hate when they continue to show it over and over again. Just the whole notion that your leg bone could pop out and pierce your skin to be showing on the outside just makes me sick. And when horror films do it, it’s one of the only things that really freak me out; i don’t normally get scared or freaked out, only by realistic injuries or Paranormal Activity 2. So with this, low key release of a horror film that received some good praise, i thought i would check it out and let you know if it’s any good or not. And you can see it hasn’t got a massive budget and it’s a very well crafted horror film all set around the same place, with most of the film set in a particular abandoned moving chair which the three main characters are stranded on. Throughout the film their health worsens and you can clearly see where it will end up, but the journey is where the story really shines.

Starring three friends who go on a skiing holiday to have some fun and i guess, ski, and it all goes horribly wrong when they pay a worker there to use the ski lift on the cheap but at the end of the day. A mishap and the machine are turned off with the three friends stuck in the middle of the lift, high above the ground and with no one in sight. They soon begin to realise what’s happening and they become angry and upset and soon begin to think of ways to survive. A fall from the lift, a pack of wolves and you get the idea what might happen. It stars Emma Bell, Kevin Zegers and Shawn Ashmore as the three friends and they all do great in their parts, showing some great acting chops considering its all set on a ski lift. The end 20 minutes will have you screaming and shouting at the screen for what you see, it’s graphic and horrible but very cool.

A strange hit and considering the director has only made small horror films, this seems to be the one that pushes his name into a good place where his next couple of horror films could be great to see. A good script and a good pace, it’s worth peeking it out.


Simon Childs

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