14 November 2010


Killers – Robert Luketic

Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. Two actors who have appeared in one good thing in their career and now they’ve come back to haunt you by bringing one of the worst romantic comedies since the pairing of Gerald Butler and Jennifer Aniston. This is the B team to their A team. I loved Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect and i liked, to an extent, Heigl in some of the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. That’s it. Sure they’ve had careers that have been launched because of their looks or because they’ve gone out with old people, but it doesn’t distil the fact that a studio thought this was a great idea to do. I wonder if the director whilst making this was watching the edit and just realising that everyone who watches this will probably want to hurt him in several ways. It’s that bad, to the point where you want to rip out your spleen and throw it at the screen but by the time you rip out your spleen, you’ll be n the floor dead or dying; what i’m saying is that it would be a limp throw to really make any sort of damage.

Following Kutcher and Heigl as the unlucky people get together and form a strong relationship whilst Kutcher is a retired assassin and Heigl has no idea. After being attacked they are both on the run and all the people they knew are actually against them and hijinks ensue as they try to figure out who did it and blah blah blah. It’s a shockingly bad plot with no script, no action, no chemistry, it’s just bland. It’s almost like they just threw money at pictures of the actors and thought it would stick. I can’t commend anything about this film; it could even be on the same level as Grown Ups, or maybe even worse! I’m not really continue with this review because it’s a waste of time for you to read it, waste of time to watch the film and a waste of time for me to even review it. So please, i urge you, don’t watch this piece of shit, there are so many films out there that are great action comedy with a bit of romance thrown in. Seriously, your gonna find this in the bargain bucket in ASDA in the next two months or probably for Christmas.


Simon Childs

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