13 October 2010

A gang of hoodlums

Robin Hood – Ridley Scott

The latest incarnation of the Robin character, yeah that bloke from Nottingham sees the rough and tough actor Russell Crowe attempt a shocking accent along with direction by the legendary director Ridley Scott. Does this match up to past Robin Hood films or does it just blow so hard that you wish you was in Nottingham forest meeting a couple of eager doggers waiting for the latest “hotties” to arrive. Maybe not that drastic because certain aspects of the film are likeable, it isn’t a major turd fest, sure it’s over two hours long and sure it features annoying characters, with a poor script, action sequences that lack any action and a confusing plot which isn’t something you want to want to solve or understand, it’s just annoying and you soon become bored of it. You’ll have your avid fans of Scott and his work, and i happen to love some of his past flicks, don’t get me wrong, he’s a visionary director, but here, he suffers from a poor lack of direction in the script and story and it shows. He fills most of the time looking for beauty and realism with the setting and the scenes around Robin. The actors don’t do much justice either, with Cate Blanchet playing possibly the most annoying character of all time, seriously, she bugs the fuck out of me in this whole film, i would of been happy just to completely cut her role and have the film it way it is, it probably would of made more sense and not been about the people around Robin rather than Robin himself. It’s like how Superman never threw a punch in Superman Returns, i want to see Robin in his archery god status and kill shit. I wanna see him steal from the rich, see him do death defying things, like shit you see in characters that reference him or are inspired by him. You wanna see the original, be the original.

A story so tightly wound, an origins story with not much origins, Robin Hood, a man who was in the army of England, and after losing their latest King, an arrogant young Prince becomes the new owner of the people and with betrayal by a close friend who joins the French, Robin must help the new King in defeating the troublemakers. Along the way through in a rough love story, a group of merry men who follow Robin, having side adventures, troubles with the land and tax, and also a few parts involving fighting and over throwing certain areas of England. It seems such a lot, and it does make it right to have a 2 and a half hour film to fit all of this nonsense, but you really don’t need it. You know there will be a number 2 in the next couple of years with the ending they had. It’s obvious; it’s just a shame that no one really wants it. I don’t.


Simon Childs

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