3 September 2010

The End of It All (The Pacific Part 10)

Directed by: Jeremy Podeswa

The end of the epic review series of The Pacific, and it ends on a kinda high, i guess. You can’t have a whole series of war and violence and have a final episode with that in too, you need to have a finale where you show the main characters and where they end up and here it’s done with class and style. Sure it’s very cheesy but i like it, i want to know what happens to all the men that I’ve watched over the last ten hours, showing their struggles and their heartache and the pain they’ve been through, i at least deserve to see their homecoming and triumphs. Massive congratulations on the last segment of the episode where it showed the actors who played them and then went to describe the real people the characters were based on with a photo and some information about them. Having that final punch of realisation that these people and these stories were real, and that all the effects of mental instability and seeing the many horrors of the war, is very real. It makes it frightening emotional. Each main character gets the send off and it’s great to see how they have changed since they first appeared with Basilone dead, his family and new wife try to pick themselves up, Leckie comes back and rejoins the paper he worked for before and starts seeing the girl from before the war and Sledge or Sledgehammer to his friends, comes back a lot worse than everyone and the obvious effects are devastating. A great series and it just shows if the right amount time, effort and money are put into a television show, all future programming will be on the same high quality level as this.

Simon Childs

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