8 July 2010

He needs to upgrade to level 27 to get the red laser sight! (The Pacific Part 2)

Part 2: Directed by David Nutter

Leading off straight from part 1, the action turns to Basilone and the 7th Marine, landing on Guadalcanal and helping to keep the airbase that will ensue victory for the Americans. It’s a long a
nd bloody battle, leading to many men being killed, but due to Basilone with his steer determination and willingness to fight, along with the help of his marines, they kill thousands of Japanese soldiers and the airbase is safely American. In-between the fights, the closeness of the group is shown, where they wait until the fighting begins again, just waiting, making jokes, smoking, reading letters sent from back home. It’s a horrible life to lead and when seeing the amount of death and carnage, it surely gets to you, and it’s shown in how a couple of soldiers can’t handle the war and begin to lose their minds. You can tell by just watching these sequences that a lot of thought and money has gone into it, with every scene having a function and being set out perfectly to continue on the story. With two episodes of war and fighting in the island, and the Japanese army now moving away, it seems that The Pacific will either follow a different battle somewhere else or keep following these soldiers as they dock to new places. And i especially like the scene at the end where they enter the ship that finally comes to pick them up, and they are recognised as being heroes back home. The joint expression of honour and sadness is played very well in how these soldiers look along with the fantastic score which throughout this episode is astounding. Looking forward to the next instalment and wondering where it will go next!

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