7 June 2010

Captain America is a loser?

The Losers – Sylvain White

A slew of new releases lately have been following the mantra of having large ensemble casts, with large explosions, witty comments about society, cool graphics, up to date music and short in length, and The Losers follows in that trend. Seen in films such as Law Abiding Citizen, Gamer, Wanted and other such hits, the audience are just let into a world of unbelievable acrobatics, where the characters will never die, unless the lover of the main character, the traitor or the funny sidekick. The Losers, adapted from a relatively famous and well-liked graphic novel, similar vein with Kick-Ass but revolving around war and destruction, it tells the story of a group of mercenaries, who are set up and become wanted men, they try to regain their life’s back after them being destroyed by the government they worked for.

The cast has the whose-who of random television and film actors, starring the guy from Greys Anatomy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the guy who was recently in Luthor, or if you follow your American sitcoms, The Office, back a few series ago, Idris Elba. Followed by the stereotypical token Mexican/Porta Rican/South American who doesn’t say much, Columbus Short, the computer tech geek played by the future Captain America, Chris Evans. Rounding up the cast is Zoe Saldana, the franchise stealer with appearances in Star Trek and Avatar. She’s in high demand clearly. The villain is played here by the famous actor who you know the face of but can’t quite put the name to. Its fine, i was thinking for at least a week after watching the film to find out who he was, i finally caved and searched on Wikipedia and imdb and found out it was Jason Patric who was in The Lost Boys, Speed 2 and In the Valley of Elah. Big films!

Lets back to the review, it’s a decent film, has got good set pieces, good action, a great comedic turn from Chris Evans, shows he isn’t a one trick pony, which, the more and more i see of him being someone else, showing that he isn’t one dimensional, the more confident I’m getting of the Captain America film being fucking amazing. But yeah, check it out for a laugh, it’s short, it packs a punch, a few massive errors are there, but for a short while you’ll be enjoyed, some new ideas thrown in, but the ending is clear from the get go. The more films like this are released, the more unhappier I’ll get though, i don’t want production companies to keep producing these types of films, i want longer, better scripted and better ideas thrown in. I can’t wait for the action film of the year Inception, reckon it’s gonna blow everything out of the water and show young directors and production companies that putting money into something with half a brain is clearly worth it. Or it will show that Christopher Nolan is the best and that everybody should stop working in the business. I hope it’s the first option.


Simon Childs

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