29 December 2009


Welcome to the new blog called Popcorn Paradise, this is a project started by Simon Childs, where he will be reviewing the many films throughout 2010. From 1st January to the 31st December, all of the movies watched will be places upon this site. Along with reviews of the films, lists and ratings will be placed alongside them too. Throughout the year, guest reviews will also be placed here, so come back regular to check them out.

With the film reviews by Simon Childs, regular contributors will also be placing their reviews here, from TV to graphic novels to video games to series of works, entertaining and exciting authors will, for the first time, have their work read by audiences. So please, compliment and comment on their work. Each week, they will contribute a piece, which over time should have a variety of subjects, a variety of areas and hopefully, a variety of reviews.

This project was started after boredom and the hatred of internet blogging and reviewing. But why not join them and fight from the inside. Similar vain to reviews by Empire and Ain't It Cool News, these reviews promise to be fair and balanced, giving the audience a better insight into the film without giving away the plot. And the end of every month, a list will be made of the best to give you, the reader, a better understanding of the amount of rubbish that will be seen.

With each film, graphic novel, CD, video game or television show, information will be given, such as the link to the IMDB page, the rating, and what media is similar to it. The journey of this blog will depend on the amount of people who read it, so tell your friends, tell your family, hell, even tell your neighbours about the site. With the more people reading it, the more interesting it will be. Also, if you wish to suggest films for Simon to watch or if your interested in becoming part of the time, go ahead and email us as simonchilds.blog@hotmail.com.

The first review will be placed on the 1st of January as an introduction to how this will work and the film will be Where the Wild Things Are by Spike Jonze.

Look at for an early review of Kick-Ass which should be a splendid read, along with a few other reviews being currently written. Along with reviews of UP, District 9 and an early review of Ponyo on a Cliff. Enjoy...

Simon Childs

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